Our Platforms

Umoja is building an integrated cellular immunotherapy platform that leverages the power of gene therapy to target and attack cancer. Our approach is designed from the ground up to integrate multiple complex technologies into a potent and safe immunotherapeutic process for treating cancer. It involves three core components that function together in a complementary way.


  • Acts in vivo through the body’s natural immune organ, the lymphatic system, to generate a population of cancer fighting cells (or VivoCAR T cells)  – which are genetically retooled with our RACR/CAR systems to allow your physician to control their function.
  • Eliminates the need for external manufacturing or a pre-conditioning process for the patient.


  • VivoCAR T cells generated by the body as a result of VivoVec administration are fully controllable – their activity can be rapidly and safely accelerated or braked by Umoja’s RACR/CAR payload architecture.
  • Control and safety are intrinsic engineering principles – your doctor directs the activity of your therapeutic cells.


  • Binds to cancer cells and “tags” them as targets for VivoCAR T cells, resulting in a precise and highly potent attack on the cancer.
  • Enables combinatorial targeting of both tumor cells and stromal elements that tumors use to hide from the body’s native anti-tumor defenses.
  • TumorTag may represent one step on a path to a universal process for cancer therapy.

Umoja’s integrated approach is scalable and flexible — we aspire to create immunotherapies that are accessible and efficacious for patients across the full range of solid tumors.