Your Body. Your Hope. Your Cure.

Umoja Biopharma is creating curative treatments for solid tumors and blood cancers by reprogramming a patient’s immune system in vivo.

Our vision is to integrate our complementary technology platforms into therapeutic regimens that can be delivered to any patient, with any tumor, at any time.

Umoja hopes to transform the future of cancer treatment by applying our deep understanding of immune physiology and genetic engineering to develop an integrated, next-generation approach to cellular immunotherapy. 


Our treatment approach retools a patient’s immune system in vivo to direct potent anti-cancer immune cells to a patient’s tumor, augmenting the body’s natural mechanisms for fighting cancer.

Personalized therapy without complex and costly manufacturing 
 No lengthy treatment timelines 
“Off-the-shelf” treatments that will be more accessible to patients 

Umoja is committed to developing therapies that enable all patients to live better, fuller lives without the burden and side effects associated with many current cancer treatments.

We have assembled a diverse, highly skilled, and passionate team that combines specific expertise and experience with in vivo gene transfer, drug development, and oncology.


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