Umoja comes from the Swahili word for unity that reinforces its focus on bringing separate components together to create a powerful result, whether that is in the people who make up the company or the platform technologies that make up our therapeutic process. This value guides us each day to meet the challenge of living up to our best selves and staying focused on inclusion.


We are committed to bringing together a diverse set of individuals with their unique skills, backgrounds, and experiences as we work to advance cancer immunotherapy and extend its benefits to every patient bearing the burden of cancer. This is inherent in how we run the company and what we value.

Umoja Core Values

Unified in Purpose: Our success is driven by our cooperative effort as a group. We are diverse in thought, united in mission.
Meaningful Impact: We care deeply about what we are building and seek to change the future for patients.
Obsessed with Solutions: We continually strive to improve, be excellent at what we do, and deliver solutions for patients.
Joyful: We strive to constantly learn and push boundaries while maintaining a positive attitude.
Accountable: We take responsibility for our actions and outcomes. We do what we say we’ll do.

Join Our Exceptional Team

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