Rich Getto, MS, MBA

SVP, Portfolio Strategy and Program Development

Rich Getto is the Senior Vice President of Portfolio Strategy and Program Development at Umoja.

Rich comes to Umoja from Juno Therapeutics where he was CMC Project Manager and/or Lead for multiple programs and helped get multiple manufacturing plants up and running to supply clinical CAR T products. More recently at Juno, Rich oversaw the cell therapy technology development roadmap and managed a portfolio of novel technologies from business case to implementation to improve cell therapy manufacturing and development. Prior to Juno, Rich spent 8 years at Amgen managing the company’s technology transfer business process. Over his time there, he transformed Amgen’s transfer operations into a core competitive advantage for the company – reducing project timelines and costs by over 30% and chairing an industry best practices forum.

Rich completed his MBA in Technology Management and MS in Biotechnology at the Northern Institute of Technology and the Technische Universität Hamburg respectively and his BS in Chemical Engineering at Montana State University.